Accented solitaires are a stylish and elegant upgrade from the classic solitaire. Like the solitaire, accented solitaires focus on a single high-quality diamond at the center of the ring. This diamond is the centerpiece but not the only attraction of the ring because the band incorporates smaller diamonds and design to make the center stone shine. 

Filigree engagement ring design or a pave design band make the accented solitaire stand out from a classic solitaire. This added flourish provides a basic design to style the wedding band after and enhance the brilliance and scintillation of an ideal cut diamond. Incorporating color or design into the band can add intricacy that increases the brilliance of the diamond rather than detracting from it. When properly designed, a unique setting to a solitaire can elevate a stunning but commonplace ring into an unforgettable piece. 

Accented solitaires can incorporate the additional diamonds into the band or into the halo of the center diamond. While not as prominent as the diamonds of a three stone engagement ring, the inlaid stones or pave design bring sparkle and brilliance into the entirety of the ring. The added fire of the smaller diamonds allows the solitaire to shine. 

Accented solitaires don't need to conform to the classic color diamond either. A solitaire cognac diamond or chocolate diamond value the ring more highly to some brides. The beauty of a color enhanced diamond set among or flanked by brilliant colorless diamonds allows the color to accent the woman wearing it. Different colored diamonds as the highlight of an accented solitaire surrounded by smaller clear diamonds creates a memorable and alluring engagement ring. 

Browse the wide variety of accented solitaire engagement rings, choosing the diamonds and setting of your preference.