Bill and Susan

Bill and Susan

How We Met

     We met in 2013 when Bill became my trainer. It wasn’t long after we met that we started dating. We just clicked. We thought we could keep it on the down low while he was still officially training me, but we did a poor job because apparently everyone could just “see it”. Our connection was undeniable. We’ve continue to evolve together. We prioritize the same things and share each other’s values. It’s amazing being in a relationship with someone who is truly your partner in life. 
     Last winter, I was going through a particularly rough time so Bill decided to surprise me with a trip to one of our favorite places, Grand Cayman, to cheer me up. He said he wanted it to help me get through the upcoming few months and have something fun to look forward to for summer. The thought of him proposing never crossed my mind. I was still getting over the shock of this surprise trip as we boarded the plane, months later. 

     One night on the beach, after we watched the sunset, we were talking about our future goals, as we’ve done plenty of times before. He said when we got back home he wanted me to pick out a ring. At this time I had no idea we were about to be engaged. I thought he just meant  that's where he wanted this to go in the future. I didn’t realize this was a proposal until he actually pulled out a ring he had in his pocket. That’s when I realized I’d been fooled this whole time! He hid that ring for months. He wanted me to have something to wear until I had my dream ring made. 

     I went straight to Instagram to look for inspiration. I’m not one of those people that had their dream ring already imagined. I found Forever Diamonds. I met with them and looked at all the different stones and settings. They made me a beautiful ring: a pear shaped solitaire with a rose gold band and white gold basket. I‘m grateful my fiancé decided to do it this way. It’s something I’ll be wearing forever, and he wanted to make sure I loved it, and I do! We are going to return to Grand Cayman this summer to get married, June 30, 2018.


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