Brandon and Hannah

Brandon and Hannah

How We Met

     Brandon and I have been together for like, a super long time. Like 10 years a long time. And for a couple in their mid-twenties, that's almost half of our lives! 

     Our modern-day fairytale started sometime near the end of 2007 when I was a freshman and he a sophomore in high school. What some of you might not know, is that we first laid eyes on each other through Facebook (Tinder wasn't a thing yet, lol).  I'm not quite sure what he saw in me, but that skater style long hair of his was a dream! The first couple months of our relationship were pretty typical for any 14 and 15 year old kids ... lots of texts and facebook messages. Flash-forward to April 6th, 2008, we decided to go to the movies for our first "real" outside of school date. I'm not sure if any of you have seen the horror movie Shutter, but if you haven't, I wouldn't recommend you go out and see it now ... it was pretty bad. It was later that night when we decided hey, let's raise the bar a little and be boyfriend and girlfriend! Very romantic, I know.

     That right there was one of the best decisions of my life, and I'm sure Brandon will agree with me on that one.

     Throughout the rest of high school, different colleges, and even different states, we've stuck by each other's sides. We've been there for one another through some of the highest and lowest points in our lives. We've grown together, both physically and emotionally. We've taught each other what true love is.

     Following college, we both graduated and landed great jobs in our respective fields. In the beginning of 2017, with him working as a pharmacist at Stop and Shop in Rockville, and me a nurse at Hartford Hospital, we began looking into places to live. On May 6th, we started the next phase of our lives together and finally moved into our first apartment in Vernon. This was just a few short days before leaving for our vacation to Europe.

     Here's where the story gets real juicy.

     I had a pretty big hunch that Brandon was going to pop the question while we were in Europe, it was something we had hinted towards before (plus, I knew he had the ring already.) A couple days into our trip, along with some of his family, we decided to drive out and spend the day in Paris. There's a security check point before you go up the Eiffel Tower, and it's a good thing Brandon didn't get kicked out before we even made it to the top. I say this because he had hand engraved our names into a padlock that we planned on locking to the Lovelock Bridge. This didn't please the security guards, as they were under the impression he was going to attach it to the Eiffel Tower, and therefore instructed him to dump the lock into their "confiscated" bin. We later found out the lock portion of the bridge has actually been taken down, and we wouldn't have been able to lock it there anyways. 

     Once we made it inside the tower, we walked around on the different floors and witnessed all the beautiful views of Paris. One of our favorite parts is on the main first floor where you can look through the glass floor and see everyone walking around down below. As we stood there, taking one of our many selfies of the day, Brandon stopped me and turned me to face him. Right then I knew that this was the moment I had been waiting for so long for. As he got down on one knee I couldn't contain my excitement - there's a video on Facebook for anyone who wants to see! The rest of the day, and the whole trip for that matter, was just amazing. We walked around still in awe that we were finally engaged.

     Every day since then I look at our lives together and still cannot believe how lucky we are to have and to love each other!


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