Danny and Adriana

Danny and Adriana

How We Met

     Danny and I met in June of 2017 at a local bar. That night, we both sat on opposite sides of the bar, locked eyes and smiled at each other. Danny made the first move and asked for my number. We began texting the very next day and went on our first date shortly thereafter. Ever since that night, we haven’t spent a day apart. We were both going through a lot of personal issues at that time and believed that faith, God and his brother Joe, who recently passed away, brought us together. That is why we believe our story is a “Match made in Heaven”. Immediately, we became each other’s best friends and did everything together. We stood by each other’s side through thick and thin. We constantly make each other laugh and smile and keep each other going. They say that the light dulls after a while and you lose that spark, but our love shines so bright! The day of our proposal was so magical! It honestly came right out of a fairy tale book. I was beyond surprised! The best part of all was that the people we love most got to join in and experience our amazing moment. Now we are taking the next step in our relationship and we are so excited that we will be spending the rest of our lives together. 


  • These two are dynamite together and a true example of love. So happy we were able to design this eternity floral ring as a backdrop for this surprise proposal. Endless congratulations to you two love birds.



  • Congratulations! We are so happy for you both!, Danny pulled it off, great job Danny! The ring is gorgeous! Thank you for inviting us to witness your beautful engagement. We can’t wait for the big day! May God continue to bless you, love you both. Aunt Maria, Uncle Eric, Matt, Samantha & Beau xoxo 😘

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