Dwayne and Mona

Dwayne and Mona

How We Met

     We met in college 8 years ago when he was a senior and I was a junior.  
We went to Forever Diamond in NYC on the 23rd of February. We were just going to pick out a ring and put a deposit down, but Dwayne surprised me and got the ring that very day. I was elated.  We went home that night and he placed the ring in the safe.  I bugged him for a week about proposing, because I really wanted to wear the ring.  On Saturday, March 3rd.  He told me that we were going for a hike at a nearby park by the beach like we have done many times before.  We left the house at about 9am for the park and stopped at Dunkin’ to get coffee.  After getting coffee, we went straight to the park and proceeded to hike.  15 mins into the hike we stopped on a rock overlooking the ocean. I was a bit hesitant to stand so close to the ocean because it was freezing, but he insisted.  He then pointed in the opposite direction at car in the parking lot, so I turned to see what he was pointing at. When I turned back around, he was on one knee with the ring.  His monologue was about 45 seconds and I was highly emotional. I was able to calm myself down, then I noticed that there was a secret photographer taking our pictures.   It was a hike to remember.


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