Felix and Nichole

Felix and Nichole

How We Met

     Felix and Nichole first crossed paths in 2011 at their previous place of employment, JP Morgan Chase. They have since been inseparable.
     Felix, with a St. Lucian background, and Nichole, with a Trinidadian background bonded over their shared love for soca and dancehall Music. They would continuously try to one-up each other on who know the most lyrics. Though music brought them together, they truly embraced each other’s love for their Caribbean culture.
     Although their career paths separated since their days at JP Morgan Chase, their love grew even further. They have spent the last few years traveling to as many as 14 different destinations, both domestic (LA, ATL, etc.) and international (Turk & Caicos, Dominican Republic, etc.).
     Born exactly 1 month and 1 day apart (Felix - 8/25, Nichole - 9/26), the couple has achieved great things in their youthful 29 years of age. Felix, a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, is currently a Consultant at the financial firm Capco. Nichole, a graduate from SUNY Delhi, is currently a Compliance Analyst for the NYC Department of Design & Construction. 
     The two share many of the same family values and beliefs, and look forward to spending the rest of their lives with each other.


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