Fernando and Jennifer

Fernando and Jennifer

How We Met

     After graduating high school in 2014, I went off to college like every other kid. My first semester of college was everything besides average; it’s where I met my future husband. We had to take freshman seminar; I remember it was an 8:00am class and no one wanted to be there, especially not to converse with each other. I sat in the front of the class and a few rows back were a couple of obnoxious boys that cracked jokes throughout the entire lecture; I never paid much mind to them. 
     A few weeks later, I was on my way to class and I heard my name being called down the hallway, and he said “we are meeting for class in Ammerman.” I immediately turned around and walked toward the other building. I followed behind this six foot tall boy with curly black hair, who happened to be one of those obnoxious kids in my class. He approached me for a second time that day and said that he had a problem with his dog and needed some vet advice, because he knew I wanted to go into the veterinary field from a presentation we made in Freshman seminar. 
     He eventually worked up the nerve to ask me out to a Halloween party, which I had no intentions of going too, but I said yes anyway (I was actually going out with another boy that night and was not going to cancel my plans). So that day came and went and he wondered why I didn’t show up. He was persistent and asked me out to another date; dinner and a movie. I said yes again, but a few days prior I cancelled on him and told him that I didn’t really like him that way; I actually tried to set him up with my best friend just to get him off my back. We went without talking for a few months until Christmas Eve, where he reached out again. We rescheduled a date a few days later and no, I did not stand him up again.
After six months of dating he told me that he was going to enlist into the United States Navy and he wanted to break up because it would “just be easier.” I told him that was not going to happen and I insisted I was not going to just walk out. Six months later, he left for bootcamp. He went from Chicago, Illinois to Groton, Connecticut, to San Diego, California, and finally to Norfolk, Virginia. He enlisted for seven years, but I wouldn’t be able to move down with him until I was done with school. 
     So I waited on Long Island for about 18 months until he was able to visit and spend a week with my family and I. He gathered both our families together for Easter and met at my Grandparents house. We drove there separate from everyone else, because I had just gotten off from work. When we walked in, I was surprised to see everyone, but more surprised to see him get down on one knee and ask for my hand in marriage with the most beautiful diamond ring. Of course, I said yes. 
     We have now been together for four years and we are still living apart; visiting each other every few months while I finish school. After our wedding on October 12, 2019, I plan to move down there with him until his military contract is up. We will be buying a house and starting a family within the next five years. 
Recently, I asked him how he ever learned my name to begin with. He told me that he paid very close attention to attendance. It’s amazing how we did not have to look very hard to find love. We lived about 15 minutes from each other for years and never knew it. Love could be around any corner and you just have to keep your heart open.


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