Frank and Ashley

Frank and Ashley

How We Met

     Frank had casually mentioned in the morning he wanted to go out to dinner on the Upper East Side after work.  As dining out is something that is pretty common for us, it didn't raise any red flags. I had a super busy day at work and class at night when he texted me to meet at Felice 83, which  happened to be the restaurant from our first date.  I got there after him and he had gotten a table, which coincidentally was the exact spot we shared our first meal.  We sat down, ordered some drinks and appetizers and conversation was flowing normally, until he pulled from his pocket the most gorgeous diamond ring. In that moment, I was completely blinded, by the immense sparkle, and was speechless.  I didn't say yes for a few minutes as I was in total shock! 
     Roman and his team helped Frank select the perfect ring! I'm pretty sure Frank would have been lost without them.  We love everyone at Forever Diamonds and cant wait to pick out our wedding bands soon. 

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  • What a lovely story nice romantic touch and of course the diamond ring is beyond gorgeous !! All the love and happiness to Frank and Ashley❤️❤️❤️🎂

    CORA on

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