Kevin and Hannah

Kevin and Hannah

How We Met

     Kevin and I had been dating for 7 years, have a dog together and had lived in 4 different cities, including a town in Sweden. 

     I moved to Nashville for a job I couldn’t pass up, and Kevin had visited many, many times. The weekend it all happened, I did not anticipate it happening at all! My parents were visiting for a long weekend and Kevin was also joining us. I was part of a polo club and a friend of mine in my club told me on Friday that there was a going away BBQ for someone at the barn on Sunday. There really was someone moving away so, totally believable! My parents and friends were also invited and were excited for it because they had never seen the horses I work with and ride. I thought it was a little odd because they don’t know the woman who was leaving but Polo is all one big family so I didn’t think too much into it. Sunday rolls around and my friends were meeting me and my family and Kevin there separately. I made my family stop at Trader Joe’s because I said we couldn’t show up empty handed of course. We pulled into the barn and my friends were already there but waiting outside for me. This wasn’t so weird because they don’t know anyone at the party besides me. I get out of the car and Kevin grabs my hand and we walk to the barn. Kevin and I aren’t really hand holders so this actually got me suspicious. Turns out my suspicions were on point because as soon as I stepped into the barn and saw it all decorated with flowers and lights and my favorite horse in the background I knew. I popped my head back out the barn door at my parents and friends and mouthed “OH, MY GOD”. Kevin then said some words which we both do not quite remember and got down on one knee. I can still feel the flutters in my heart thinking back on the moment. I said YES and then we all popped champagne! I then continued to ask if we should head to the BBQ, to then find out there is no BBQ haha! I’m a super hard person to surprise and he, as well as my friends and fam, pulled it off perfectly! 👏


     My ring is the most amazing thing I’ve ever laid my eyes on and I just can’t believe it’s mine! Thank you so so much for creating this beauty! Even Taco, the horse, can’t keep her eyes off of it ;) 



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