Hardeep and Kiran

Hardeep and Kiran

How We Met

                                                                  "Mr. & Mrs. Gill"
     First off lets talk about this ring WOW! We literally have no words for how absolutely beautiful my engagement ring turned out! Roman literally took the image from my mind and hand crafted my dream ring! Going into the process of selecting a ring, I had no knowledge of terminology used to craft a custom ring but Roman made the process easy and understood EXACTLY how I wanted the ring to be made. Overall, the process was painless and we had no issue in trusting that Roman knew what he was doing!
     Deep and I had met through our college years as friends and over the years we lost touch as we moved onto separate paths to establish our careers. A couple years later we had crossed paths a few times unexpectedly and both grew curious on what could become of us. Once we started dating our mutual friends would comment on how they never thought we would end up together, yet how perfect we were a match. Our personalities compliment each other so well, not to mention how were are such a couple of goofballs. I can confidently say that Deep is everything I have ever dreamed for in a man and I am so blessed with the love we have for one another. 
     We knew fairly quickly into our relationship that we would be saying our "I do's" soon. Even before the proposal and while my ring was being customized, we had chosen a date for our engagement party, wedding, reception, etc. During our engagement photoshoot was when Deep decided to propose. After taking a few photos I had turned around to walk to our next photo spot when standing before me was a man with a guitar and a dozen roses. He handed me the roses and began singing "Perfect" by Ed Sheeran (which Deep knew was my jam!). I turned back around to find my dream man kneeling down on one knee with my dream ring in his hand. Deep: "Will you marry me?..."  I am not sure wether it was the shock of emotions or the fact that he actually surprised me, but I have never laughed so hard in my life. TIP: Ladies, if you know there is a photographer present capturing your special moment do not forget to SMILE! To this day we still joke about how we were laughing so hard that it took me an hr to realize that I never actually said "yes" to the proposal. Safe to say we got a good couple of decent photos, but the majority were of me with my mouth open and laughing HAHA! Nevertheless, my proposal was everything I've always dreamed of. A big thank you to Forever Diamonds NY for being a huge part of our special day! 


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