Kyle and Caitlin

Kyle and Caitlin

How We Met

     Kyle and I met in high school and started dating on 09/01/2010. The date means a lot to us and we have kept the first of each month as a day to celebrate our love for each other. After 84 months of dating Kyle decided it was time to start a new meaning to our special date. On 09/01/2017, Kyle and I celebrated our seven years in Miami, FL, and little did I know we would be celebrating our engagement. He took me and our fur child, Shadow, onto the beach and gave me a box with pictures in it. He explained what each picture meant to him and our relationship. The last picture was from our family cruise we went on 2 months prior. The picture was from the night that he asked my father if he could marry me. He then got down on one knee! I couldn’t believe it!! After so many years he was still able to keep the whole proposal a secret and surprise me. Once he opened the box and I saw the ring I really didn’t believe. I yelled YES! Then continued to ask how and if this was real. After that we went back to our suite and stared at the ring. He told me about the whole ring creating process and I could tell how much time, energy, and thought he put into creating this ring with Roman and the Forever Diamond family. This makes the ring mean so much more to me than I could ever imagine. I couldn’t be more excited to spend forever with him. Our wedding date?! 09/01/2019


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