Nurse Holly and Dr. Yuan

Nurse Holly and Dr. Yuan

How We Met

     A few years ago, Yuan reached out to me via OkCupid, a dating website.  We had worked at the same hospital together, but I had never met him, as most of our interactions were via text paging, running past one another during a code, and short phone calls.  We exchanged many messages before he asked me out...  I only agreed to go out with him because he knew of "Doctor Who," my favorite TV show of all time.  The first two dates, were really nothing that special, but I knew he was the one on our third date.  That's when everything changed.  I noticed how thoughtful, kind, and intelligent he was.  He had took note of the things I liked during the first two dates, and then on the third, he planned an elaborate evening out fully equipped with everything that I love and he learned about in the past two dates.  He was the man I was waiting for, the perfect gentleman.  Ever since, our relationship has truly been one huge adventure.  We both love animals, work in healthcare, have similar beliefs with complimenting cultural backgrounds, and we both love traveling.  I couldn't imagine our lives any other way.
     So, we went to the Cayman Islands about one year ago, and I knew that he bought a ring, I just didn't know when he was going to propose.  He took me out to the nicest restaurant in the Cayman Islands, it was simple beautiful.  However, once we entered, the restaurant itself, was dark, kinda cute, and the food was mediocre.  We were both nervous, and I just simply, waited.  I waited from the point our appetizers were served, to almost ordering a second dessert, thinking he needed some extra time to get the words out.  When was he going to pop the question?  He paid the bill, and we took a few photos outside, in front of the hotel.  I was still waiting.   At every turn, I thought he was going to propose.  He didn't.  I was so angry.  That night, I slept on the edge of the bed, and refused his advances.
     The next morning, we woke up and started to get ready for our tour at the Turtle Sanctuary.  Because it was a Saturday morning, during the weekends, most people end up going to the beach with their families and not many visit parks.  Once we entered, we saw these massive turtles and that the park was literally empty, we had it all to ourselves.  No lines, no stress, just all pure fun.  I was having so much fun that I completely forgot about him proposing.  We were chatting nonstop, and I was pointing at all of the turtles just like a little kid.  We see an aviary, and go inside.  All of these birds were flying around and feeding.  It was quite a sight to see.  I was busy following a flamingo for a selfie, when Yuan says, "Holly, I just set up the camera, let's take a photo to send it to our parents.  I think nothing of it, because he does this every time we travel.  So, I sit at the bench, and I see all these birds zooming around the aviary and I'm just looking at them in awe.  Then, he comes to bench, with one knee on the ground and pops the question...  I was so excited, and surprised, because I didn't think that he would wait last minute to propose before we went home, and nonetheless at a turtle sanctuary/aviary, because quite frankly, I was just having too much fun!  A few seconds later, a dove lands on his head, and it's trying to catch it's footing.  It's slipping on his hair, and is the friendliest dove, I've ever seen.  What are the chances?  A dove wanted to witness our proposal!  In my culture, the color white signifies death, and the grey, symbolizes love and prosperity.  I was so surprised and shocked that the dove was on his head, that I forgot to say yes.  I just kept saying, "There's a dove on your head!  There's a bird on your head!  Yuan, Yuan, do you see it?!"  It was the best proposal ever, and a memory I will never forget.
      I look back, and I'm so happy he didn't propose at the restaurant.  He proposed during a time where not only did I least expect it, but doing something we both love, being around animals.  I love him, and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him!


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