Oscar and Monica

Oscar and Monica

How We Met

     It all began when I became friends with Samantha in 2nd grade. I had moved schools the following year so it wasn’t until four years later that we reunited in 6th grade. I met her older brother, Oscar, who was in 8th grade and attending the same middle school. Samantha would come to my house and he would tag along to hang out with my older brother, Nick, but I knew in my heart he was there to see me. We had a crazy crush on each other but we were so young and shy. The following year we were at different schools due to our grade levels and some time had passed since we had seen each other. Summer 2004, Oscar finally asked if I wanted to be his girlfriend. I accepted and our love grew strong every day. We were so in love that he transferred to my high school from his just so we could see each other more often. We were high school sweethearts and would always get told by many friends that we would get married someday. 
     Young, full of dreams and ready to start our lives, I soon realized we were expecting a baby. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” February 28, 2008 we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, Ahlani. She won all our hearts and has a strong bond with her daddy. She’s definitely his princess and baby girl. In 2011 Oscar took a US Military job overseas in Afghanistan so we’ve been in a long distance relationship for the past 7 years. I still remember the night before he left, nostalgic and bittersweet, knowing there would be thousands of miles between us. Thankfully, technology has always given us some peace of mind as it allows us to video chat and makes the separation more bearable. It’s a celebration every time he comes home and our love has grown stronger over the years. We have learned to value one another even more, appreciate the little things in life, not take anything or anyone for granted and most of all, cherish the moments we spend together as a family. 
     Oscar planned a family vacation in Costa Rica for my 30th birthday!! On August 28th, a day after my birthday, we were at the beach. As I enjoyed the sunset and hearing the waves, I was unaware that Oscar had shown the ring to our daughter Ahlani and whispered that he was finally going to marry her mommy. Oscar says Ahlani was so happy and was holding back her tears. She grabbed my phone and was ready to witness and capture this beautiful moment between her parents. It was beyond perfection with the beautiful sunset when Oscar took my hand, got on his knee and proposed. This was so unexpected and I couldn’t believe this was happening but of course without any hesitation I said, “YES”!!! I was laughing and crying still in shock but this memory will live in our hearts forever. Oscar and I ended the evening with a romantic beach dinner and were so excited to share the news with family and friends. It was a day full of joy, love and happy tears for after 15 years, I was officially engaged to my best friend. 
     I have been a fan of Forever Diamonds NY for the past 4+ years and would show or tag Oscar beautiful rings on social media. Knowing he created my ring with Forever Diamonds NY is a greater testament of his love. Thank you Forever Diamonds NY and to Roman. With his help, Oscar was able to create the perfect ring that I had always envisioned and it’s absolutely beautiful!  Oscar landed 2 days before our Costa Rica trip and I was picking him up at the airport when my mom was at our home with our daughter and she signed for the package. Thank goodness she did not pay attention to the sender and when we got home, I was so busy with preparing for our trip that Oscar easily put it away without me noticing. Thank you again for making our engagement so special. We continue to always thank God for our many blessings.
Oscar & Monica


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