Ross and Kumara

Ross and Kumara

How We Met

      Well it all began 3 years ago in what I like to call a a Tinder moment.  We both swiped right as I was about to delete the profile  and noticed this wonderful smile. I was like hmmm he doesn't look like a serial killer oh I watch a lot of the ID channel lol. At first i was a little nervous talking to someone online it took over a month before we final meet in person . We walk around spruce at harbor  park was I first date.  I mean they actually had firework there not just us it was
July 1 .
     He held my hand and never let go  . Now 3 years later one night all alone he began a Treasure hunt if that what he calls it. Giving me so many clues that I had know idea what he was talking about then all of sudden he pulled out the most beautiful ring I've ever seen now we are happily Engaged.


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