Salvatore and Lauren

Salvatore and Lauren

How We Met

      Our love story began October 2015 on a Friday night. We met at a rooftop lounge in Staten Island. Sal was there celebrating a friends birthday and I was there having drinks with friends. Sal offered to buy me a drink and that is where it all began. We talked the whole night and exchanged numbers. We spent every day with each other after that.  For the first year we were dating everything was an adventure. We traveled to Ohio for a concert a few months after we met which is where we decided we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.  We purchased our first home together in February 2017, and decided to do some renovations. On October 14th 2017 we made plans to go to dinner with friends. On our way to the restaurant Sal said we ended to stop at the new house to look at a potential problem with one of the renovations. When I walked in the front door I was taken back. The living room was decorated with hundreds of flowers and floating lanterns with a sign that said Will You Marry Me. There was also a hidden man taking a video! I said YES. We then went to a restaurant to celebrate where he had planned a surprise engagement party with our close friends and family. This has truly been the greatest year for both of us and we are so excited to plan our wedding.


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