Zayad and Dina

Zayad and Dina

How We Met

     My Fiance, Zeyad, proposed to me on April 16th. I am usually good at guessing surprises but this one I did not seen coming. We had talked about proposals before and I explained to him that I wanted something intimate and at home with just family. And well, he delivered :) It was actually on a Monday. He had gotten my DREAM ring from Forever Diamonds over the weekend and was supposed to propose the following weekend but he couldn’t hold himself and wanted to do it right away. So he called up my sisters and told him the plan and they helped him set up this beautiful proposal setting at my house. I was out and came home to this beautiful surprise. He had “Marry me” song playing and it was all dark with candles and rose pedals everywhere. With heart balloons around us with our pictures over the years together hanging on them and behind him was these huge “MARRY ME?” balloons. I didn’t even wait for him to finish his “i love you, will you marry me?” Speech - I just started saying YES YES YES. I was an emotional mess. And the ring he picked for me - I could not have imagined a more beautiful ring. I am obsessed with it. I catch myself looking at it all the time thinking how lucky am I? I can’t thank Forever Diamonds enough for creating this beautiful ring. And I can’t wait to marry my best friend :)


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