While an engagement ring is meant to be eye-catching and alluring, it's not meant to sit alone. Incorporating a wedding band onto the ring hand is a challenge when purchasing a unique engagement ring. A bridal set is a simple way to purchase a beautiful engagement ring with a perfectly matching wedding band.

Bridal sets focus mostly on the wedding band style. There are three different styles: enhancers, contour-style, and scaffolds. Enhancers are simple bands that allow the diamond to fit over the wedding band to display the engagement ring. These are the most simple style of wedding band and most popular. Enhancers are preferred for solitaire engagement rings because they don't draw attention away from the brilliance and beauty of the diamond. Enhancers are often a simple metal band or a pave design that matches the engagement ring. To highlight the beauty of a single, high-quality diamond, look for an enhancer bridal set.

Contour-style bands fit around the engagement ring and incorporate a similar design to the engagement ring. If a pave style was used in the band of the engagement ring, the wedding band would have that same style and create a cushion for the main stones of the engagement ring to nest in. These style sets uniquely contour to the engagement ring, fully displaying both the band and the ring. This style is ideal for a halo design engagement rings and accented solitaires because the contour band can enhance the beauty of the engagement ring rather than hide behind it.

Finally, the scaffold style wedding band is two bands that encompass the engagement ring. This style may be similar to the enhancer or contour-style ring but create a balanced look to the engagement ring once incorporated onto the hand. The scaffold band can balance a bridal set and create a cohesive look to the finished design. The scaffold style bridal set is a great way to cushion and optimize the look of any engagement ring. 
Bridal sets take the stress and confusion out of selecting a wedding band. By purchasing a bridal set, you ensure that you receive not only the engagement ring of her dreams but the matching wedding band to properly accent it. Start here to find the perfect engagement ring with matching wedding band.