One of the most striking and timeless styles of engagement rings is the classic solitaire. The classic solitaire features a single diamond in a simple setting and band. Without the distraction of other stones, the quality of the diamond's 4Cs are on display and can be truly appreciated. Selecting a high-quality diamond is essential for getting the most fire and sparkle from this design. A flawless D color diamond with ideal diamond proportions that displays the diamond's brilliance and dispersion produces an enviable and show-stopping engagement ring. Selecting a carat size in proportion with your beloved ring size can ensure the ring is both noticeable and practical. 

Classic solitaires aren't just for colorless diamonds. Grey diamond engagement rings or a canary diamond can be stunning in a solitaire setting. By optimizing the cut, clarity, and carat weight, the solitaire setting can put on display the exquisite color and sparkle of different colored diamonds. Heidi Klum famously wore a yellow solitaire engagement ring as her celebrity jewelry when Seal proposed. A classic solitaire ring with a colored diamond is a beautiful piece for everyday wear.  

Beyond the color of the diamond, class solitaires offer additional customization with the design. The metal and band width of the setting can affect the diamond brilliance and shine as well as the cut of the diamond. Traditionally, the solitaire engagement ring is round or princess cut in a platinum setting but the options are endless. A white gold setting with a heart-shaped or emerald cut diamond in a silver setting can bring uniqueness to the classic solitaire design. 

Engagement ring engraving ideas such as 'I love you' with initials or a private message between you and your betrothed can turn a stunning ring into a cherished memento. The classic solitaire engagement ring is not only a beautiful design but one with enough customization to elevate the simplicity of the design into an unique and stunning engagement piece. For a classic engagement ring option that displays the natural beauty of the diamond, browse from the wide selection of classic solitaire rings or design your own unique ring.