Created by De Beers in the 1960s, one of the original campaign slogans for the eternity ring targeted at husbands stated, "She married you for richer or poorer. Let her know how it's going." While this cheeky ad may have launched the sale of the eternity band, the sentiment behind it has kept the tradition going. 

Eternity bands acknowledge the unending love and commitment of a long term relationship. They are a simple design but offer a variety of options to customize the band to suit your unique relationship and style. Eternity bands are most often given for a significant anniversary and can be placed as a addition to a bridal set or as a right hand ring. For the birth of a child, a golden anniversary, or just a way of telling the love of your life how much she means, a diamond eternity band can express the sentiment more than words can. 

An eternity ring is a simple band with diamonds around the entirety of the ring. These diamonds can be pave design or showcase larger diamonds in varying colors. Most commonly, the eternity band features round cut diamonds but selecting diamond baguettes can turn this perennial favorite into a stunning and distinctive piece. The variety of cuts available in eternity ring style help keep this timeless memento of affection current with today's tastes. 

The classic eternity ring showcases diamonds around the entire periphery of the ring. While stunning, this style may not be practical for women with hands-on occupations. A half-eternity ring showcases the same beauty and emotion of an eternity ring but only feature diamonds on the face of the ring. This reduces the   potential discomfort of friction from the diamonds between fingers. To honor your commitment without sacrificing comfort, a half-eternity ring can provide all the meaning of the eternity band. 

Varying diamond size or color, offsetting cut and clarity for maximum effect can individualize this classic ring into a unique expression of your love and devotion. Browse through the variety of eternity rings available or select diamonds in the color, quality, and cut of your choice to create a unique design.