The Forever Ring Collection features the highest quality diamonds available for purchase. Each diamond meets the strictest standards for cut, clarity, and color, ensuring a ring with sparkle and brilliance, a ring sure to impress. 

The Forever Ring Collection focuses on quality over carat size. Creating the optimal quality diamond may require cutting off as much as 74 percent of the diamond rough to display the true beauty and scintillation of the stone. An expert cut diamond can properly transmit light within the diamond to give it that brilliant shine that attracts attention from across the room. A single degree cut too shallow or deep can lose all the light and brilliance from a diamond. Forever Ring Collection diamonds feature exceptional symmetry in addition to ideal diamond depth and table. This attention to detail ensures that the brilliance and beauty of the diamond is never compromised. The Forever Ring Collection meets the strictest cut standards in the NYC diamond district. 

While nearly every diamond has some amount of natural inclusions, the Forever Ring Collection offers rings that display the minimal amount of diamond inclusions, graded flawless or internally flawless. At this level of quality, even examination with an eye loupe wouldn't show diamond flaws. Forever Ring Collection diamonds are never enhanced or in any way compromised. The diamonds from this collection are the highest quality available. 

Each Forever Ring Collection diamond comes with independent certification from GIA or AGSL. This ensures that the diamond you receive is the diamond you requested and purchased. The included report details the specific cut, carat, color, and clarity of your diamond with applicable laboratory analysis. This information ensures that beyond looking beautiful, the diamond adheres to the high standards of the collection.

The Forever Ring Collection offers the highest quality diamonds available in a variety of sizes. Begin your journey to find the perfect diamond by exploring the diamonds and settings available in this high-quality collection.