The halo design resurged in popularity with Prince William's proposal to Kate Middleton. Prince William repurposed his mother's deep blue sapphire engagement ring surrounded by brilliant diamonds to propose to Kate, reflecting and matching her timeless style and simple but luxurious taste. 

A halo designed ring prominently displays a single, high-quality diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds. Selecting a colored diamond can highlight the natural color of the stone by offsetting that brilliant color with the scintillation of colorless diamonds. The addition of pave diamonds to the band can further highlight the center stone by creating a sparkle from every angle. 

Halo designs create an optical illusion, making the center diamond appear larger by surrounding it with smaller diamonds. The compounded sparkle from the combined diamonds make the center stone more brilliant. For those looking to purchase a high-quality diamond without the funds to purchase for a large carat, a halo design is the perfect way to highlight that quality and allow it to appear larger within the setting. 

One of the advantages of creating a halo design ring is the amount of options available in a custom ring. Those who prefer colored diamonds can pick a pink diamond or orange diamond ring set among colorless diamonds to enhance the color of the central stone. If a single, high-quality diamond is displayed in the center of the design, an alternative color can be incorporated into the halo. The color options with the halo design ring are endless and allow individuality and personalization in the design.  

Shape is another part of the halo design that can be customized based on preference. While the standard halo design produces a square or circle shaped ring, the variations are endless. Flower and snowflake shaped are just two design options that alter the overall look of the halo ring while still keeping the focus on the center stone. Instead of a single diamond on display, the halo design can encompass a three stone engagement ring surrounded by additional diamonds. The variation in shape and design makes the halo a perfect engagement ring for those seeking perfection in an unique setting. 

The diamonds surrounding the center stone in a halo design can be anywhere from flawless to clarity enhanced quality. A clarity enhanced diamond is a "repaired" diamond that previously had inclusions and flaws but now appears, at sight, to be higher quality. For the surrounding stones of a halo design, the savings of the clarity enhanced diamonds can allow more funds to be allocated toward the center stone, increasing quality and carat size. For those that prefer high-quality throughout the entirety of the piece, increased quality can be incorporated into the halo portion of the ring. 

For the sheer variation of designs and styles, the halo design engagement ring is a top choice for an elegant engagement ring. Browse the wide variety of halo designs to find the perfect ring or design your own custom ring to display a high-quality diamond of your choice surrounded by delicate and scintillating stones.