Pave originates from the French word for "cobbled". A pave setting creates a cobblestone design by setting dozens of small diamonds into a band. The effect is a ring paved in diamonds and very little visible metal in between each stone. While this design style is hundreds of years old, a high-quality pave design can only be achieved by a master jeweler who hand sets each diamond into the ring. This intricate attention to detail gives the pave design a unique and breath-taking effect unlike any other design.

Pave rings give their wearers a dramatic design without the startling single stone. The delicate design of small diamonds allows for creation not only in the color but also the design of the entire ring. By varying color and diamond quality, a pave design ring can present brilliant diamonds at the center of the ring and fade into less brilliant colors on the edges. Varying colors can incorporate two birth stones into a single band or create a design using only the natural beauty of the diamonds. This ability to alter color and clarity can create a pave ring with geometric designs or unique color patterns.

Pave design can also be incorporated into some traditional engagement ring styles. Solitaire and three stone engagement rings that demand that extra sparkle can add pave design in the band. A halo design ring may have pave design in the area around the central diamond. When incorporating a pave design into the band, be sure you have the correct size. Pave design is not only time consuming but difficult to resize after setting. Pave design can be used to accentuate a central diamond and create a more stunning effect in the overall sparkle of the ring.

While the pave design is striking, it does present some challenges in maintaining the quality of the piece. Due to the size of the diamonds and the prong size for each diamond, a pave design requires more care than traditional, large diamonds. Twice yearly inspections should be conducted to repair any prong faults and provide cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning should be avoided to prevent dislodging the small diamonds in the pave design. When well cared for, a pave design can provide years of enjoyment and beauty.

From an everyday ring with an intricate pave design to a stunning, high-quality engagement diamond with inlaid pave diamonds in the setting, the selection of pave design rings is as varied as it is beautiful. Explore the wide variety of pave designs available using the diamond search engine.