Stackable rings offer the wearer a way to showcase a variety of styles on a single finger. The traditional stackable ring is a single band that can be inlaid with diamonds or feature a pave design. Many stackable rings are produced as sets to create a single look with a collection of bands or designs. Two matching rings can form a design such as a heart or asymmetrical design. No matter the design, stackable rings offer a low cost and fun way to accessorize with diamonds. 

Stackable rings are one of the best ways to display a variety of diamond colors on one finger. Using a micro pave setting and a complementary palette, small cognac diamonds, chameleon diamonds, or any other colored diamonds can be incorporated into a stackable band and matched with other colored diamonds. The distinct but subtle difference in quality of the diamond are less noticeable on a band so utilizing  i2-i3 clarity diamonds over i1-i2 clarity diamonds produces a less noticeable decrease in quality. 

Searching for clarity enhanced diamonds for sale? Stackable rings offer a great way to showcase brilliant diamonds with repaired inclusions and flaws. The small size of the ring and the inclusion of other bands into the design minimize any flaws in the stones of an individual diamond. Clarity enhanced diamonds offer savings on stones that appear high-quality but have structurally repaired defects. 

Stackable rings are a great way to incorporate color and style without the price and quality required from a solitaire or three stone ring. Keep the brilliance of the stones with clarity enhanced diamonds or opt for a micro pave design to mix color into the delicate bands of a stackable ring. Browse the wide selection of stackable rings in a variety of colors and cuts available at New York wholesale prices.