Love isn't just about the present day. It's about the past you have shared and the future you're building. The three stone ring honors the past, present, and future of a relationship in an elegant design. Whether starting a life together with an engagement or appreciating your many years together, a three stone ring is a beautiful design that conveys a powerful message about your relationship. 

The three stone design features a central diamond flanked by two equal quality diamonds on either side. These three diamonds can be set in a plain band or incorporate a pave setting. While the center stone is traditionally larger and more prominent, all three need to have a similar cut and clarity to have the most striking effect. Unlike the halo design where the center stone is the focus on the surrounding diamonds accent it, the three stone design highlights all three diamonds as a set. The combined brilliance and scintillation make the three stone design a breath-taking engagement ring. 

The three stone design allows a mixture of cuts in a single ring. The past and future diamonds can be a different shape than the present diamond to bring intricacy and allure to the standard design. An emerald cut diamond flanked by trapezoid shaped diamonds can incorporate a sleek look into this classic engagement ring design. A princess cut center diamond with flanking round diamonds gives the three stone ring a more soft and feminine look. By adjusting the cut of the diamonds, the three stone engagement ring can suit any style.

The color of the diamonds in a three stone ring can also be altered to incorporate more meaning into the design. A favorite gemstone or birthstone can elevate this contemporary classic engagement ring design into a unique display of ongoing love. For budget-conscious shoppers, the three stone design can help increase the overall carat size without skyrocketing the price. A high-quality two carat solitaire costs significantly more than a comparable quality one carat diamond and two half carat diamonds. The three stone engagement ring is a classic design that incorporates deep meaning into the core of its design. Choose from the hundreds of high-quality diamonds to find a set that best display the meaning and depth of your love.