Purchasing a wedding ring may not be as big of a commitment as who you give it to but it does carry responsibility. The right wedding ring shows your commitment to the relationship and an understanding of her personal style. When starting the journey to purchase an engagement ring, a wedding ring, or a bridal set, start by learning more about the process of purchasing a classic and elegant diamond. 

Which Finger Engagement Ring?

Nothing is more embarrassing during a proposal than grabbing the wrong hand, or worse, measuring the wrong finger for the engagement ring and wedding band. Measurements for an engagement ring should be taken from the left ring finger, the finger beside the pinkie. 

How to Measure for a Wedding or Engagement Ring

The next logical question is how to find out the correct ring measurement. Unlike buying a pair of shoes or shirt, ring sizes are differentiated by fractions of an inch rather than inches. A small error in measurement can result in the wrong size being purchased, either too small or too large. Thankfully, most rings, with the exception of pave bands, can be adjusted after purchase to properly fit their recipient. 

To get a baseline measurement for an engagement ring, find a ring she normally wears on her right hand ring finger. While there are some differences in size between hands, most often a ring that fits on the right hand will fit on the left. Take a piece of paper and mark the length of the ring on the paper. This can be compared to ring sizes to find the right ring. 

If she doesn't wear jewelry, it may be time to enlist help. A friend or sibling can covertly go jewelry shopping with her or ask about her ring size. Regardless, it's always best to go up a size since it's easier to resize down than up. 

Purchasing the Perfect Style 

Selecting the right bridal set or engagement ring comes down to personal style. Understanding your intended's personal style is a must. Examining her current jewelry and discussing the topic with her friends and family can help determine what cut of diamond, what color, and what band would suit her best. Find out whether she prefers large diamonds or smaller stones that offer more quality. Or whether her style is simple and elegant or ornate and striking. Determining the right style is essential for purchasing an engagement ring or wedding band. 

Educate Yourself

Learning more about the 4Cs of diamond quality can help you learn more about diamond purchasing and ensure you find the best price for the best quality diamond. Starting with a respected and responsive jeweler is essential for taking that information and applying it to the purchasing process. A jeweler that takes the time to answer questions without rushing the purchasing process is essential to purchasing the right ring at the right price. 

Engagement vs. Wedding Ring

For those who have never or rarely purchased jewelry, the differences between the engagement ring and wedding band may be incomprehensible. As a general rule of thumb, the engagement ring is a celebration of choosing to spend your life together and the wedding band is a solemn but beautiful expression of that commitment. This means that the engagement ring is bigger and grander than the wedding band. A classic engagement ring features a large, high-quality diamond set in a unique and memorable setting. The wedding band may feature diamonds but is generally more staid and less flashy than the engagement ring. Purchasing a bridal set allows the engagement ring and wedding band to match and is preferred by those brides who want a comprehensive look for their jewelry. 

Selecting the right engagement or wedding ring sets the stage for the beginning of your life together. Starting that process by understanding the basics of diamond purchasing and ring design can set you up for success. Start with education then start browsing the varied options for wedding bands, engagement rings, and bridal sets.